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Jacob Shaw

Applied Linguist, Product Manager,

Media Strategist & Producer

Creative Portfolio

Great to meet you!

I’ve spent the last year at Kantar, where I’ve developed short- and long-term strategies for an international portfolio of Fortune 500 companies through custom research to increase brand equity and market share.


I also lead the team behind Phissy, the #1 app in 30+ countries for rating and syncing restaurant orders. I am a filmmaker, nonprofit bakery co-founder, and caricaturist.

Where I specialize


Language Science & Storytelling


Cognition-backed multilingual UX writing, copyediting, screenwriting, and linguistic analysis to unlock brand potential through consumer insights and a singularly ownable, effective brand voice.

Creative Marketing & Production


Ideation through implementation of unique and clever multimedia campaigns, honed by career experience as a film producer and market researcher for top tech, healthcare, and travel companies.

Product Design

& Management


Leadership from concept to canvas to commerce through product lifecycles that propel business forward, with detail-oriented visual design, user-informed flow, and game-changing solutions.

Where I've worked

Past Clients:

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